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Do you believe in the nearly departed? Paranormal Host Darkness Radio Dave Schrader does. BIOGRAPHY CHANNEL “My Ghost Story” The Palmer House, along with Bill and Chris Schneider, was featured on the Biography Channel! Watch it commercial free! The user of this video removed it from YouTube. We are working on relocating the video. Channel 5 News & Dave Schrader Jason Davis – On The Road Again,  2008  

SAUK CENTRE, Minn. (WCCO) – This Friday, little ghosts and goblins will ring your door bell looking for a trick or treat. But if it’s real scares you’re looking for, there’s one place in Minnesota that is the best. This isn’t the kind of place that will make you jump with fright, but it may make your skin crawl. This week, your votes took us to central Minnesota to find a real haunting at the Palmer House Hotel. Some places get under your skin in ways you can’t explain. For Kelley Freese, that’s what the Palmer House Hotel in Sauk Centre has done to her. Read the rest of the full story here!

By Natalie Nyhus

“My Ghost Story” Episode #15 “Possession at the Palmer”- Bill and Chris Schneider visited the historic Palmer House Hotel in Sauk Centre, MN on a lark; little did they know what was in store. “I.C.U. Ghosts”- In South Pittsburgh, Tennessee, an old abandoned hospital is home to a terrifying seven feet tall shadow figure nicknamed Mr. Black. “Simon Says Die”- The site of a grizzly accident, the Bissman Building is haunted by the spirit of F.W. Simon, an employee whose head was severed by a freight elevator on his last day of work. “The Curse of the Irish”- When Seattle’s first morgue was converted into a commercial building, some of the former clients apparently decided to stick around as spirits! “Uneasy Underground”- Michael Jones and Cyndi Hubb are tour guides at the haunted Underground Tunnel in Portland, OR. They report tourists frequently get nervous and scared on the tour and it’s no wonder, considering these tunnels housed numerous atrocities in the 1880s. “Final Family Farewell”- Renee Oaks lost her parents in a tragic car crash on a fateful trip home from the airport. Many years later, Renee connected with Lisa Huston, who specializes in connecting loved ones with family members who have passed on.
The Most Convincing Haunted Places in Central Minnesota — Our Top 5. By: Abby Faulkner Many people lack opinions on the supernatural – until faced with a situation they simply can’t explain. Such is the case with Kelley Freese. Freese has owned The Palmer House Hotel for about a decade, knows every room inside and out and has a treasure trove of fascinating and chill-inducing tales. Freese says she never really gave the concept of hauntings much thought until she took over Palmer House – and in chatting with Freese and her employees, it’s clear reports of the paranormal through the years are just too numerous to count. A brief history snapshot for you – Palmer House was built as “Sauk Centre House” in 1863, gutted by fire just 40 years later and resurrected by an enterprising businessman named R.L. Palmer. To use a favorite expression of mine, Palmer decided to “go big or go home” when he developed the hotel, expanding the space to nearly 40 rooms complete with washrooms and electricity – not typical for a hotel of that time. This endeared the hotel to many, and because this was the era before apartment buildings, some people lived here full time. A few raised families. Many had hard lives, and yes, some even died here. Basically, the place has a very eclectic history. Is there any wonder that there would be lore swirling around each room? Today, the Palmer House attracts curiosity seekers from all over, including myself. I experienced a few things during my 1.5 hour tour that I just don’t know how to explain away. Check out video highlights from the trek and tell me if I’m crazy. I’m not gonna lie – the Palmer House Hotel is sitting in the number one spot on this list for a very good reason. Read More: The Most Convincing Haunted Places in Central Minnesota — Our Top 5 |

The Paranormal at Home: Hauntings in 50 States – Minnesota’s Palmer House Hotel

The Palmer House Hotel is a rather unassuming building that may contain multiple ghostly entities. The site is a landmark in the Minnesota town of Sauk Centre. While it holds historic significance, the Palmer House may also be a prime spot for paranormal investigators. The Palmer House was constructed in 1901 on the site of the former Sauk Centre House. The previous building was ravaged by a fire on June 26th, 1900. The new structure, which was built by Ralph L. Palmer, was the first in the city to have electricity. Nobel Prize winning author Harry Sinclair Lewis worked at Palmer House when he was young.  The hotel was used as the model for the fictional Minniemashie House which appeared in his novel Main Street (1920). Read the full on Fringe Paranormal.