A Destination Since 1901.

The old Sauk Centre House, the town’s first hotel, burned to the ground on June 26, 1900. Then, in 1901, Ralph L. Palmer and Christena J. Palmer built The Palmer House Hotel. The delighted citizenry spoke among themselves, “Now at last, perhaps the town can have a first class hotel!”. The Palmers lived there with their children Hazel Palmer and Carlisle R. Palmer. Christena’s mother and brother, George Brandner, also worked at the hotel.

Modern for its day, The Palmer House was the first building in Sauk Centre with electricity. Salesmen traveling by rail regularly used the hotel for business meetings and relaxation. The hotel soon became the cornerstone of Sauk Centre’s downtown area and served as a gathering place for the now-content locals. Nobel Prize winner Sinclair Lewis referred to the hotel as the Minniemashie House in his 1920 novel, Main Street.

The hotel endured an ambitious makeover in 1993, exposing its natural beauty from top to bottom with respect to Richard Palmer’s idea. However, some of the comforts to which society has become accustomed have been added. The hotel originally housed 38 small rooms with guests sharing a common “necessary room” down the hall. There are now 19 rooms (each with its own bathroom facility), some complete with Jacuzzis to pamper you a bit.

When you stay at The Palmer House, choose a room tucked away in the recesses of the hotel or a room directly above the Original Main Street where you can look down from your vantage point and observe the hustle and bustle of small town life. Resist the urge to keep to your room and go explore! We have many delightful shops downtown to peruse. The Palmer House’s spacious lobby is perfect for whiling away the hours reading and visiting. You’ll find The Pub, just off the lobby, to be well-stocked with your favorite cocktails and a cozy sometimes spirited place to spend an evening. Trying to resist the inviting aromas coming from the kitchen will be a challenge. Our kitchen is open daily from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM weekdays; 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM on Saturdays and 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM on Sundays. We have some of the friendliest servers around, an awesome kitchen staff who excel at serving up a savory dining experience, and a baker who will tempt you back for dessert with some of her homemade goodies.

Come to The Palmer House for business or pleasure. The friendly staff will be waiting to extend a warm greeting upon your arrival and cater to your every need throughout your stay. Whether it be a special event or an intimate evening for two, call us to discuss the many options we can put together for you. We do free consultations for planning your groom’s dinner, wedding reception, showers, birthday parties…. whatever it is you may want to celebrate.

Call us for details. We look forward to meeting you!

Historical Tours Available!

Please use the event calendar to choose from available tour dates. Follow the instructions and use the “Buy Now” button to make your reservations.
Join us to discover the fascinating history behind the Historic Palmer House Hotel. Learn more about the previous owners, famous guests, and unregistered residents. Afterwards your tour guides will take you to our infamous basement. This part of the hotel is closed to the public and can only be accessed during our tours. Once in the basement, we will conduct a mini investigation to find out who may still be checked in to the hotel after all these years, with ample time to take as many pictures as you’d like!
Palmer House Tour tickets are non-refundable under any circumstances. Tours will last approximately 2 hours.
All participants must sign a Waiver of Liability before the tour.