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palmer haunt

palmer haunt

Paranormal Research Society

Historic Palmer House Hotel

June 9th 2006

Investigators: Rick, Mel, Gene, Terri

Equipment: Fuji Film, Nikon, Minolta Camera's, Cell Sensor EMF, IR thermometer, 2 Hi8 Sony Handy Cam with Night vision, RCA Digital Recorder, Sony Cassette Recorder
with External Mic.

Evidence: EVP's, Video

5:00Pm Rick, Mel, Gene and Terri meet up with Owner of Palmer House Hotel Kellie, Kellie went over some of what had happen to her some employee's and Guest of the Palmer House Hotel.

History: The original Building on location of Palmer Hotel was Sauk Centre House it was Brothel and Saloon, The building burned late 1800's. People of Sauk Centre at time stated they were happy it had burned down. We were told that nobody died during the fire.

The Palmer Hotel was built on site of the Brothel by Mr and Mrs Palmer in 1901. It was said that in early 1900's a little boy had died from flu while staying at the Palmer, There is no other reported deaths.

During Probation we were told that the owners would sell liquor in basement. It's said there was some tunnels in basement to other buildings around town to help transport liqour with out being caught by Authorities.


Sinclair Lewis Wall and hidden RoomSinclair Lewis a local writer of poetry was said to had an underground hidden room just behind one of the walls in basement of the Palmer House. It was told that he had written some of his poems on the walls.

We were told this hole in picture below may of been used for storing meat. But on inside of door is an old leather strap. It had looked like strap was used for closing door from inside the hole. We had wonder if this isn't the opening to what was once a tunnel.

Hole in basementThe basement floor from this hole to the wall by Sinclair Street is weak when walking across cement you notice the floor gives some. Could this be from an tunnel, bad cement or just from settling of the building?

We were not able to find any information on tunnel locations when looking up history of the city.

Early years of Sauk Centre when Rail Road still ran through the town The Palmer was known for its flea market.


Hall FleamarketThis picture shows Hallway were the flea market once was held.

Owners of Palmer House had a lady who claimed to been psychic stay couple nights with them. This lady claimed that in basement under the stairs there would be remains of human. The owner soon after went under the stairs and did start to dig. She claimed that she had found bones. She had boxed the bones up to take them up to show her husband. But due to phone call she left box in basement. When she later returned the bones were gone.

Stair Cases Bones Founder Underneath

Many Guests and Employees have claimed to seen apparition of little boy that is believed to be boy who died from flu playing with a ball through out hall ways. People also claimed to see this same boy sitting on the 3rd step of the stairs.

Apparition Little boy

Room 11 has been said to always stay cool like air conditioner is always on

Room 17 Guest have complained of leaving room to later come back and see the furniture had been moved.

Room 18 It's said some nights people that are staying in rooms Palmer House Roombelow room 18 will hear person walking around, also sound like they sitting on bed to take shoes off. They later to find out nobody was in room 18. Other Rooms people have claimed to have remotes disappear to never be found.

Down Stairs bathroom toilets will flush on there own.


Palmer House Dinning Room


It had been reported that silverware in dinning room would move on its own. Employees have said to set up tables for next day to come back later and find all silverware had been moved.

 This picture is of the second table we had notice the silverware had moved.


One of the Palmer House Hotel night clerks saw some guy come in the pub. He asked him if if wanted a beer. The guy asked him what kind do you have? The clerk told him and then told him what kind he liked, then the guy asked how Palmer House Pubmuch he owed him, the clerk didn't know but said how about 2 dollars? The guy held out a $10 bill to him, the clerk did not have any way of giving him change so he said you will either have to drink 5 more or I will owe you the rest in the morning. The man then pulled out $1.25 and the clerk told him he was in luck that tonight they were on sale. The clerk had already had a ghost scare that night and was relieved when he saw the man go up the stairs so he assumed he was a guest. But after talking to the owner the next morning he found out that there was no man that checked in or out with that description.

During investigation on 3rd step of stairs Rick and Terri both had fallen claiming that it felt like someone or something was behind them pushing on there knee's.

Terri on stepsThis Picture is of Terri standing place she had fallen from

We had started investigation 12:30am after all employees had gone home. There was only couple other guests staying in hotel. One of them had gone out for the night.

We starting setting up toys to bait with and checking make sure all silverware was same directions on all tables in dinning room.

We then headed up to the 3rd floor of hotel. Going through all the rooms on the the floors, we hadn't experienced anything. until on way back down the stairs.

Rick and Mel was heading down steps Rick in lead Mel stopping to take more pictures. Rick stepped on 3rd step on right hand side he suddenly went flying down the steps. Landing hard on the floor catching himself with railing. He to stated same thing as Terri Palmer House Hotel Moved Silverwaresaying it felt like someone had pushed on back of his knee's.

We had then headed into dinning room make sure silverware was same way. But to our surprise there had been one that was different. Instead of sitting lengthways on table it sitting crossways. Notice one bundle silverware is different direction in this picture. You will also see same table in video above. This picture and video was of second set of silverware that had been moved during the investigation. Table in picture to the right is the same picture as the one in the video.

We had checked all tables before heading upstairs. While Terri and Mel straighten silverware up. Rick and Gene set up camera in dinning room to see if maybe someone was doing it.

Next we headed for back kitchen,pub then headed for basement.

while in basement we had experience a strange noise that we could not explain in room with steps. While walking around steps we heard a noise coming from back of the room. Sounded like some of the boxes full of christmas decorations had moved. We had turned back on lights to see if we could see what caused it. be we was not able to, maybe it was caused by settlement or some rodent we don't know.

We headed back upstairs at 1:30 to check out dinning room once again. When inspecting tables we noticed that one tables the silverware had been moved. Picture above and video

We had stayed until 5:30am but rest of the night was quiet.

We had watched the video and didn't see the silverware move or anyone move them. But we wasn't able to give full coverage of all dinning room. The table were silverware had been moved was within camera's view.


Palmer house Pictures

We did get 3 EVP's one we think saying *want you whore*,*You Little Boy*. *Do You Like Me?* To listen to filtered versions Click Here.

We got 6 hours of audio.

EVP Evidence:

Want You Whore

Do You Like Me?

We did get high unexplained EMF Readings off basement floor around were hole we think may be entrance to tunnel

Palmer House Hotel is located In Sauk Centre Minnesota. All is Welcome to stay at hotel!

If your looking for hotel with some extra guests you may want to try the Palmer House hotel that is located in Sauke Centre. You will have a night you will never forget.

MidNite Walkers does not claim any of the pictures shown on this page to be paranormal. All pictures are gathered for research. Some pictures have been proven nonparanormal. Visit the Experiment pages to see some of the experiments we have done.


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